Vineyard Wind is committed to working with the fishing industry so that both the wind and fishing industries can grow together offshore Massachusetts.  This commitment is long-standing, starting with Vineyard Wind engaging the offshore wind industry’s first fisheries representative in 2010, and will continue through the permitting, construction, operations, and decommissioning of the project. Please check this page often for the latest updates.

Latest updates

• Current Notices to Mariners are:

     1 NOVEMBER 2018

     27 SEPTEMBER 2018

All current and past Notices to Mariners can be found in the document room.

• Our current Fisheries Communications Plan is available here.  We welcome comments and suggested changes, as the communications plan is updated regularly; please contact the Fisheries Liaison (see below).

•  Visit our permitting page for information on opportunity for public comment, and current status of the permitting process.

We want to hear from fishermen

•  Please complete the form below to receive updates, mariner notifications, and requests for information and input. 

• Our Fisheries Liaison is Crista Bank, who takes the lead in communicating with the fishing industry on behalf of the project.  She can be reached at or cell 508-525-0421

• The Fisheries Representatives represents the interests of fishermen to the project, and help make sure the project is getting the information it should have about the fishing industry.  Fisheries Reps represent the interests of fishermen, not the project.  Fisheries Reps also help get out the word about project activities offshore, and help to make sure the project is aware of any immediate problems or concerns from fishermen. Some Fisheries Reps are compensated for their time by the project.

Current Fisheries Representatives are indicated below; more will be added in the near future.

We are currently seeking additional fisheries representatives.  If you are interested, please contact Crista Bank, Fisheries Liaison (see above).


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