Vineyard Wind project is a win-win for all

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It’s time to speak up about the benefits of the Vineyard Wind proposal to Yarmouth and Cape Cod.

Unlike Cape Wind, this project will be located 30 miles south of the Cape while delivering sustainable, renewable clean power to over 400,000 homes on the Cape and Islands. Vineyard Wind thus offers us a special opportunity to address the global crisis of climate change with Yarmouth in a leadership role — and Yarmouth residents won’t pay a dime.

The power line connecting the project to the mainland will be laid several feet below the seabed and streets. The work in the bay will be less disruptive than a typical dredging project, and the roadwork will occur off-season, leaving newly paved streets with sidewalks along its route. The significant funding that the project is offering us can be invested in mitigating wastewater pollution that affects Lewis Bay and its estuaries.

The Vineyard Wind project managers have been answering questions and addressing local concerns. We have the opportunity to be a partner in this. Let’s make it work!

Jan Hively

West Yarmouth

The Novus Group