Our View: There is much to hope for in New Bedford with birth of offshore wind industry

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The continuing development of the offshore wind industry in Massachusetts takes another baby step forward this week with the state deadline for proposals on Wednesday.

Years from now, when all is said and done and offshore wind farms dot the East Coast from Massachusetts down to South Carolina and beyond, the city of New Bedford, its leadership, and regional legislators will feel justifiable pride over the caretaker role they played in the creation of a new energy industry here.

Step by careful step, over several years, they have collectively laid a thoughtful foundation with public and private partners contributing to legislative solutions, operational support, industry build out, and workforce education and training options.

So much of that foundation begins to show merit as large-scale project proposals, able to provide at least 400 megawatts of electricity generation capacity, are submitted this week.

Whatever happens next, New Bedford will be included in the growth of offshore wind farms thanks to this preparation.

The Novus Group