Vineyard Wind

The Project


Vineyard Wind is taking a new course in developing offshore wind for Massachusetts.

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Massachusetts is seeking bids to build offshore wind projects off the coast of Cape Cod.  Vineyard Wind has leased an area of about 160,000 acre lease area about 14 miles from Martha’s Vineyard, where it hopes to build as much as 1,600 megawatts of wind energy.  Massachusetts hopes to have 1,600 MW of offshore wind energy online and operating by 2027.  Vineyard Wind hopes to help bring projects on much sooner to help the state meet its clean energy goals.


Vineyard Wind partnered with the Vineyard Power Cooperative and is committed to delivering economic and environmental benefits to the region.  Vineyard Wind is seeking to ensure that the maximum amount of economic activity take place in Massachusetts, and has committed to using the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal for the majority of construction activity.


Environmental Protection and Surveys

Vineyard Wind is committed to ensuring that marine habitat are protected and impacts to the environmental and fishing activities are minimized,  Vineyard Wind is now actively engaged in reviewing the site and are in the midst of a competitive, cost-effective offshore wind project to serve Massachusetts, as called for by the Commonwealth's "Energy Diversification Act", enacted in July, 2016.