Vineyard Wind


From New York to California


Community Partnership

In January 2015, Vineyard Wind and Vineyard Power signed the nation’s first, federally recognized, offshore wind Community Benefit Agreement in the United States.  

Vineyard Power Coop and Vineyard Wind signed the nation’s first federally recognized Community Benefit Agreement (CBA) in the United States which aims to bring specific value from offshore wind farm development to the island and the region including, but not limited to, local job creation, and the construction of an operations and maintenance facility in Vineyard Haven harbor.  Since the signing of the CBA, Vineyard Power is involved in the day to day operations and is specifically leading in outreach and playing an integral part in the permitting of the wind farm.  


Vineyard Power

Vineyard Power Cooperative, a member owned 501-c-12 non-profit, based on the island of Martha’s Vineyard was formed in November 2009.  With a growing membership base of over 1,350 households & businesses, the cooperative aims to keep the benefits and control of our local renewable energy resources within our island community. 

Their mission, as a 21st century energy cooperative, is to produce electricity from local, renewable resources while advocating for and keeping the benefits within our island community.  Their vision is to make the island of Martha's Vineyard carbon neutral, in domestic electricity, transportation and home heating, by 2050.

Community outreach and education has been a primary objective for VP since its formation in November 2009.  First, as regards to informing the public of the Federal and State’s renewable energy goals and process, including the regulatory framework, and ensuring that the communities and desired outcomes were raised.  Second, as a strategic partner with OffshoreMW (as Vineyard Wind was called at the time), they began to communicate and educate the public, government officials and other stakeholders on our community based relationship which formally began in 2011 with an execution of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between our organizations.