community benefits


Clean & Cost-Efficient

Offshore wind is both clean and cost effective.  In Europe, offshore wind is now priced competitively with fossil fuels such as coal and even natural gas. Vineyard Wind will offer $3.7 billion in energy related cost savings over the life of the project while eliminating 1.68 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually - the equivalent of taking 325,000 cars off the road.


Thousands OF NEW JOBS

The development of 1,600 MW of offshore wind energy will kickstart a new industry in Southeastern Massachusetts. Over 3,600 local full time equivalent jobs over the life of the project, starting with in-state construction in 2019.


ENERGY FOR more than 400,000 HOMES

Vineyard Wind’s turbines, totaling up to 800 MW, are expected to reliably produce the amount of energy used by over 400,000 Massachusetts homes. Offshore wind delivers much of its power in the winter, when Massachusetts needs the most energy for both heat and electricity generation.




Vineyard Wind has an ambitious plan to capture this burgeoning new industry for the region: over 3,600 local full-time equivalent jobs over the life of the project, starting with on-site construction in 2019


Vineyard Wind has pledged a long-term economic development initiative including $15 million in investments to accelerate the growth of the offshore wind industry in Massachusetts


Vineyard Wind will reduce the Commonwealth’s carbon dioxide emissions by over 1.6 million metric tons annually, the equivalent of taking 325,000 cars off the road


Vineyard Wind will result in well over $1.4 billion in energy-related cost savings during the first 20 years of the project


Vineyard Wind will provide 800MW of power directly to Cape Cod, enhancing reliability on the edge of New England’s transmission system


The Vineyard Wind Project presents a historic opportunity to ignite the Massachusetts supply chain and workforce. Vineyard Wind is committing $15 million in three initiatives that will build a skilled offshore wind workforce centered in southeastern Massachusetts, attract additional investment in infrastructure and supply chain development, and advance technologies that will allow for greater expansion of offshore wind, while continuing to protect marine mammals.  Learn more here.


Vineyard Wind is committed to ensuring the protection of marine habitats and minimizing any impacts to the fishing industry. Federal and state agencies have extensively studied the Vineyard Wind area examining the presence of endangered whale, turtle and bird species, as well as fisheries and important seafloor habitats, since 2011. These studies helped guide the appropriate design of the Vineyard Wind project.

Vineyard Wind is committed to having an ongoing positive relationship with Massachusetts’s largest offshore industry: fishing. They have a strong voice in this project and we listen. At the start of the development process in 2010, we reached out to fishermen to ensure that fishing concerns could be incorporated early into the project plans. 

Vineyard Wind engaged the first offshore wind fisheries representative in the United States. The fisheries representative’s role is to meet with fishermen where they work and live, and report back to the project their concerns and ideas. This way, fishermen can participate in this process, even while working long hours offshore.

Are you a fisherman? Click here to be connected with a fisheries representative.